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About Intellexis Intellectual Property Services

We are the boutique IP firm you would probably want to address your IP needs in Romania.

Intellexis has been established in 2006 by highly experienced IP attorneys, recognized as leading professionals in the IP sector. While we started the firm with our mere enthusiasm and only prospective clients to assist, we have gradually grown over the years and are currently enjoying important awareness in the industry. 
Our advice focuses on enhancing the strength of our clients' Intellectual Property rights during the prosecution stages, as well as on drawing up and implementing complex post-registration enforcement strategies.
We have actively witnessed all successive changes brought to the IP regulations within the past 25 years, therefore having achieved a deep understanding of the national and European protection systems, which plays a key role in our comprehensive approach of the various prosecution and enforcement proceedings.
One of our key assets is the management of a significant number of clients' IP portfolios.

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